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Welcome to The Debt Consolidation Group, Your Online Source for Free Debt Consolidation Services and Bad Credit Debt Consolidation!

Our Consumer Debt Consolidation Services can Help You:

  • Reduce your monthly payments dramatically
  • Reduce your interest rates by 7-13%
  • Rebuild your credit
  • Eliminate late fees and over-the-limit fees
  • One low monthly payment
  • Prevent bankruptcy
  • Home ownership not required
  • No credit checks

Welcome to The Debt Consolidation Group! We're here to offer you information on free debt consolidation services to help you get out of debt and clean up your credit. We offer you ways to get online debt consolidation help quickly and easily with our easy application. Give us a try and find out why we’re a great source for debt consolidation help! Still have questions about our debt consolidation company? Keep reading...

Why do I need The Debt Consolidation Group?

In some cases, you can negotiate with creditors on your own to arrange payments or to have positive information reported to a credit bureau. But to get the benefits of lowered monthly payments, lower interest rates, stopped late charges, and waived over the limit fees, you need The Debt Consolidation Group.

Why can't I just keep paying off my creditors on my own?

If you keep paying just the minimum amount to your creditors at the current interest rate, it will take you much longer than if you paid off your debt through The Debt Consolidation Group. A $10,000 debt usually takes 32 years and $24,500 to pay off, if you are paying the monthly minimum of 2.5% of the balance at an average interest rate of 18.5%. Because we may be able to reduce your interest rates with our debt consolidation program, stop over the limit fees, and so on, it will take a lot less time to pay off your debt through us. Chances are, in the past, all your debt payments have just gone to pay off interest. You probably haven't even touched the balance! On average, The Debt Consolidation Group clients pay off their debts in 3 to 5 years, depending on individual circumstances.

How much will it cost me to be on The Debt Consolidation Group Program?

The consultation is FREE to everyone. If you are comfortable with our recommendations, there is a one-time organization fee. There is also a small monthly service charge to cover the costs of handling accounts.

How will using The Debt Consolidation Group affect my credit rating?

That depends on your current credit history.

1. Are you current in your payments?

The banks judge your credit in two ways: Your payment history and your debt to income ratio. If you are current with your payment, right now you have a great payment history. The problem you are running into is that you are a little over-extended. By consolidating your bills, we will keep your payment history right where it is, and by reducing the interest rates the banks are charging you, more of your money will go towards your balances. This will bring your debt to income ratio down in line to exactly what the banks are looking for.

2. Are you behind in your payments?

If so, you are right now considered to be a slow pay on your credit report. By utilizing our personal debt consolidation program to consolidate your debts, we will be able to re-age your accounts back to a current status after only three payments into our program. This will show the bank that you are back on track with your finances.

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